Welcome to My Site

As a young girl growing up on the Philippine coast, I was first inspired to be an artist by the stunning Pacific sunset.  A vast, blazing palette of orange, fuchsia and magenta, it not only illuminated my imagination, but also evoked the Sublime, a humbling sensation of being enveloped by Heaven.  As such, I remain thankful to God for having blessed me with the talent, however small, to translate my perceptions onto canvas, where the viewer can hopefully share and appreciate my feelings.

I’ve been passionate about painting ever since, and after relocating to New York in 2008, I was mesmerized by the emerald brilliance of Central Park, itself a sweeping masterpiece in the heart of the city, outlined by the scintillating juxtaposition of manicured nature against soaring architectural structures. The glistening lakes reflect the magnificent legion of trees, each a unique sculpture, defining the seasons through silhouette and color.  For me, the quintessential subject is Autumn, a cool fire of gold, rust and yellow, where amidst the falling leaves, I can actually feel the passage of time and savor the beauty of life through art.


Please contact me at greta.lood@gmail.com